What is DMIT?

DMIT is Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test and is invented by Dr Howard Gardner. This is a scientific study of fingerprint patters and brain lobes of a child. DMIT can also be defined as a combined scientific study of brain Lobes, Multiple Intelligences and Human Psychology. Human fingerprints are formed when the brain development of the child takes place when it’s inside the mother’s womb. Most of the times, maximum amount of money, time and efforts are wasted by parents pushing their children in the wrong direction, in pursuit of irrelevant courses & classes. With the help of “DMIT”, you’ll be able to constructively work on your child’s future. DMIT is one-in-a-billion program available in your fingertips to discover the innate ability of your children through a scientific study of fingerprints named DMIT. It’s the best platform to explore your child’s behaviour and interests.


Fingerprint of all the 10 fingers of the child will be taken.


A fully-fledged scientific report will be generated which will be studied by DMIT expert counselors.


A brief analysation of the report will be given to the parents by the counselors.

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